The museum hosts a collection resulting from a over 20-year research with pieces dated between 17th century and 1970, not only from Italy, but also from many other country especially France, England and USA. Captions and texts explain all pieces and their romantic stories.

You can see all of this inside the button’s museum with the guide of the editor. She will explain you stylistic and historical features to deepen this minor decorative art.

Thanks to its cultural value, the gallery has the possibility to be part of the historic, sociological and artistic heritage in museums in province of Padua and municipality of Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco.

Open to the public on appointment – tel. +39 349 2692051, it’s dedicated to the founder’s missing son, Sandro Partesotti, Italian teacher, antique dealer and not forgotten for his keen intelligence and kindness.

Next to the button’s collection you can also find some original creations made of buttons by the editor, like accessories, tapestries and a collection of glass and ceramics dated to the 800s-900s

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